Meet our two sister vessels

Battersea Barge

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Total capacity: 150
More private space, with a stage and projector. Ideal for more private and ticketed events, allows weddings 🤵 💒
Closes: 11pm, 12pm (Thu–Sat)

Tamesis Dock

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Total capacity: 230
Vibrant party space with mezzanine interior. Ideal for parties, large and late night events 🥳
Closes: 1am every day (can apply for an extension)

Hiring us out


(as a base)
£30 deposit
Max 2 tables

Outdoor deck

£200 fee or pre-order
25+ depending on season

Lower deck

£200 fee or pre-order
50+, or 70+ (Thu-Sat)
Max 120-200 people
In addition a £100 deposit is required in case of damage or breach of agreement.
Hire fee may be waived if your event is in the next 3 weeks.

Indoor + outdoor

Min £2,500 pre-order
120+ people

Whole boat

£5,500- £14,000 min spend
150–200 people


Do I get a seat for every person when I book a table?
You do not have a seat for every person. The tables are meant to act as a “base” for your group (not an area), this can be cosy or spacious depending on when you book. You are welcome to spread out to other tables if space allows.
If I have under 70 guests can I book the lower deck on a Friday or Saturday?
We do require at least 70 guests throughout the evening in lieu of a minimum spend and to keep the spaces balanced however we can waive this should you have a prepaid budget of (apx) £2.5k+.
We highly recommend weekend daytime parties to enjoy the weather or a Sunday–Wednesday evening.
Is the lower deck completely private?
Tamesis Dock: The lower deck is overlooked by the upper deck and the public have access to the toilets by your space (please let a member of staff know should you have any issues with non-guests).
Battersea Barge: The space is more private with no need for anyone to walk through. It is therefore more conducive to ticketing for events or gigs
If I am ticketing an event where do we ticket from?
From the lower deck (only). You are not allowed to stand at the entrance as we need to accommodate walk on’s
Can we bring decorations?
Decorations must be tied. We do not allow tape, tack nor anything messy such as confetti, party poppers etc. If you are planning to bring decorations, please let us know. The deposit is used towards this.
Can I bring cake if it’s my birthday?
Yes, you are welcome to bring a cake. We may not provide cutlery and plate so please bring a blunt knife, napkins, paper plates etc.
Can I bring food & drink?
No, we are a licensed bar and have a kitchen. However if there was a specific food type you wanted to bring we can offer this for a £600 food corkage (no access to kitchen, pls bring everything needed)
Are there cloakrooms?
No, please do not leave anything valuable unattended. You are responsible for your belongings.
Do you have storage?
You may keep your items for collection the following day at your own risk.
Do you have parking?
There are a few car parks nearby our venues as well as on-street parking at certain times. Please check Parkopedia for more information, including prices.
Parking for Tamesis Dock: There is a 30-minute parking bay at the Park Plaza Hotel opposite us. Single yellow lines can be found on Black Prince Road or meters on Lambeth High Street (free after 6.30pm / all weekend).
Parking for Battersea Barge: 20-minute parking bay by the concierge office on Kirtling Street. You may drive through the car park (20 minutes allowed) to get closer to the Barge and use the lifts to access ground level.
Are there age restrictions?
Under 18s are allowed until 8pm but must be fully supervised at all times. Parties for 18–24 year olds will have to pay for security at £30/hr and an higher £295 fee, as well as an additional deposit if there are over 100 guests.
Can you stay open later?
Tamesis Dock can apply for a limited number of licenses to close at 3am.
To apply, we require a minimum of 120 guests and security. Most guests need to be present by 9pm & over 24 years old. The fee is £150 + security (£30/per hour for a minimum 4 hours).

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